Fall 2020 International Student Engagement Initiatives

Dear Students,

2020 has taken us down an interesting path. We have been forced to adapt and change our practices to find ways to support our international students best. Unfortunately, this means that we must adapt the great work of our core engagement programs for fall 2020.

ISS has decided the following for our three international student engagement initiatives for fall 2020.

  • The BRIDGE International Peer Mentor Program will be suspended for fall 2020. This program has been a valuable source of support and engagement since 2002 and we hope to bring back a refreshed BRIDGE program as we work through the global pandemic.
  • International Reach, our Cross-Cultural Speakers program will attempt to engage with the community by training a few dedicated leaders who are interested in sharing their culture and experience through a virtual format this fall. We have a dedicated team at ISS that will attempt to provide cross-cultural sharing through limited opportunities this fall.
  • The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) continues to hold virtual monthly meetings. ISAB members are helping our ISS team learn more about the international student experience and encourage us to improve our services daily.

I truly apologize for any stress these developments may cause. Please know that ISS continues to support you and will find ways to continue to engage with you throughout the upcoming fall semester.

Please consider connecting to us through social media on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Thank you all for being part of the Global Badger community!


Sharece M. Bunn

Assistant Director of International Student Engagement