University of Wisconsin–Madison



ISS Director and Assistant Dean of Students Roopa Rawjee 608-262-7890
Associate Director vacant 608-262-6959


Advising Staff

Interim Associate Director (Assistant Director and Advisor) Tina Hatch 608-262-3468
Assistant Director and Advisor Brianna Cacchione 608-263-6675
Advisor Xin Cui-Dowling 608-262-1409
Advisor Caity Dawson 608-265-4523
Advisor Colleen Hutchinson 608-262-2721
Advisor Samantha McCabe 608-265-5113
Advisor Erik Salminen  608-265-3426


Office and Program Staff

BRIDGE Coordinator Sabrine Ali 608-890-4813
 University Services Associate Jacquie Bormett 608-262-6883
 IT Cameron Millard 608-265-2511
 Program Coordinator Zach Nelson 608-262-9716
Student Assistance Center Coordinator Tetyana Schneider 608-262-3466