Find My ISS Advisor

ISS has moved to a caseload model. Every international student has an International Student Advisor assigned to them based on their college/school and major.

You may type your major in the search bar or look for your college or major listed below to find your advisor.

How to work with your ISS advisor

  • Learn more about your advisor by visiting the Meet the Staff page.
  • Message your advisor through a Terra Dotta Information Request. Please do not send an email to our main inbox.
  • Make an appointment with your advisor through Terra Dotta.
  • Be patient. We process your immigration requests in teams. Your ISS advisor may not be the advisor processing your request. Do not message your advisor about the status of your immigration request; this will cause processing delays.

Review our Terra Dotta Tutorials page for more information!

J-1 Student Visa Holders
For Fall 2021, your advisors will be Colleen Hutchinson (she/her/hers), an Interim Assistant Director in ISS.

F-1 Student Visa Holders

Find My ISS Advisor_Fall 2021

wdt_ID Primary School or College Primary Major ISS Advisor
1 College of Engineering All Undergraduate and Graduate Engineering Majors Preamtip Satusuk (she/hers)
3 Wisconsin School of Business All Business Students Dilyn Riesterer (she/her/hers)
4 School of Education All Education Majors Melissa Murray (she/her/hers)
5 College of Agricultural & Life Sciences (CALS) All CALS Majors not listed Helen Halt (she/her/hers)
6 School of Pharmacy All Pharmacy Majors Sabrine Ali (she/her/hers)
7 School of Nursing All Nursing Majors Sabrine Ali (she/her/hers)
8 School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) All SMPH Majors Sabrine Ali (she/her/hers)
9 School of Human Ecology All Majors from School of Human Ecology Stacy Woodward (she/her/hers)
10 School of Veterinary Medicine All Majors in Veterinary Medicine Sabrine Ali (she/her/hers)
11 Law School All Law School Majors Sabrine Ali (she/her/hers)
Primary School or College Primary Major ISS Advisor