Bucky Badger takes photos of the band during a UW-Madison football game



  • Spring 2021 Enrollment & Winter Travel Guidance

    Dear Student, We are writing with a few updates as  winter break and  spring semester approach.  This message is long, but it is full of important information and answers the most frequent questions we receive. …

  • Virtual Drop-in Advising schedule change for October 26-30

    For one week only virtual drop-in advising will not be available on Wednesday. Students who want to participate in virtual drop-in advising during the week of October 26 – 30th are encouraged to participate in …

  • ISS Update: Terra Dotta forms

    Dear Students, We appreciate your commitment to communicating with us through Terra Dotta! We receive hundreds of information request each week and International Student Advisors and student Peer Advisors are working to respond to all …

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