Tips for Communicating with ISS

Dear Students,

We care about you and we want to ensure we serve you best. To help with this, we created these tips for communicating with ISS. We hope that it will help you get your answers faster and more efficiently!

  • Utilize our website.
  • Make an appointment with an advisor.
    • We have 108 advising appointments available each week.
    • Follow up with questions about your status in these 20-minute appointments.
  • Check the status of your application in Terra Dotta.
    • It should say “Submitted – Under Review by Assigned Advisor” if an advisor is still working on it.
    • It will say “Request Approved” or SEVIS-Processed” if the request is completed.
    • Please do not send emails to check the status. When you do, you add time to delays in processing.
  • Choose one method of communication.
    • Send an information request in Terra Dotta.
    • Make an appointment.
    • Email the main account.
    • Multiple messages delay our ability to respond with accurate and timely advice. Help us help you, please!

Our staff is working tirelessly to process over 500 requests and hundreds of emails each day. We appreciate your patience and collaboration!

Best wishes.

International Student Services