J1 Non-Degree Research Visa Pilot Program Ended

Please note that as of May 11, 2017, ISS ended the J1 Non-Degree Research Pilot Program.  Faculty and staff will not be able to bring undergraduate students to campus on this program in order to do research or lab work.  If the individual has at least a bachelor’s degree, please contact International Faculty and Staff Services for assistance.  Information on bringing J1 scholars to campus can be found on IFSS’ website: https://www.ohr.wisc.edu/ifss/imminfo/JScholar/Jscholarindex.htm

The J1 non-degree research pilot program has raised concerns over the past few years regarding how best to handle the demand and interest in hosting visiting researchers without Bachelor degrees. The increased workload and compliance requirements to effectively serve our enrolled F1/J1 students and the departure of the individual who oversaw this program ISS has expedited our decision to end this program.  ISS will explore the long-term viability of the J1 non-degree research program and assess the feasibility of re-introducing a modified version of the pilot program at a later time.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to explore the option of the Visiting International Student Program (VISP) as an alternative option for bringing individuals without a bachelor’s degree to campus who wish to do a research project with your department or project.  VISP participants are required to enroll full-time and may be able to enroll in independent research credits for the intended research project.