University of Wisconsin–Madison

International Student Fee Increase

Beginning fall 2017, the International student fee will be $100 per semester. The fee is applicable to students who are at UW-Madison on F1 and J1 visas. Due to reductions in state funding, ISS has needed to explore other options to maintain quality service to international students. Over the last two years, International Student Services has transitioned to becoming operated by student fees. The fee has been set at $75 since 2015, and due to unmet needs the fee will be increased in order for ISS to provide adequate and quality services. The increase in fee is due to a). regular inflation, b). the need to provide additional student support programs, c). and the need to maintain competitive wages to hire and retain expert staff members. ISS remains committed to improving the services provided to international students, and the increase in fee will improve services and efficiencies. Even after this fee increase, UW-Madison’s fee is still lower than half of other Big Ten institutions’ fees. ISS recognizes that the increasing cost of higher education can create financial difficulties. If the fee increase will cause financial hardship that could affect your ability to remain a student, please contact the ISS Director at ISS does have access to some funding to assist with covering the fee increase for international students in financial crises.

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