Regarding the Earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province

ISS staff members are deeply saddened to hear about the recent earthquake in the Sichuan Province of China. To all Chinese students and others who may be affected by this tragedy, International Student Services would like you to know that we are thinking of you during this difficult time and that we offer our sincerest condolences. We hope your families and friends are safe, and for those who are currently at home in China, we also hope for your safety and well-being.

We know it can be challenging to be away from home during a crisis in your home country, and we encourage all affected students who are currently here on campus to seek comfort and support. Counseling staff at University Health Services and advisors at ISS are available to talk with any international student wishing to discuss this tragedy or other personal or academic issues.

ISS cares for all international students. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way.


International Student Services