Update on Flooding in Madison

Attention students: ISS cares about your safety! Please be aware that several streets and bike paths in Madison have been closed due to flooding caused by above-average rainfall.

Several bus lines have been re-routed around the closed streets and parking restrictions have been imposed on Williamson Street. Expect delays and traffic congestion when traveling through these areas.

Information about road closures, Madison Metro Bus detours, and current flooding conditions, please see the City of Madison’s website. http://www.cityofmadison.com/live-…/extreme-weather/flooding 

More rain is predicted for this weekend, so be prepared for the possibility of increased flooding in certain areas of the city – especially near the lakes and the Yahara River. Stay away from floodwaters, and if you have a car remember the phrase: “Turn around, don’t drown!” *Never* drive through flooded streets.

For safety information and updates, follow the UW-Madison Police Department, the Madison Police Department, and City of Madison.

Updates can also be obtained from the following Facebook profiles: