Keting Zhang (she/her)

Position title: Hometown: Taiyuan, Shanxi, China


My name is Keting Zhang. I’m a 4th-year undergraduate studying psychology and global health. I speak both Chinese and English. On campus, I am involved in Healthy Minds on Campus and the Mental Health Student Advisory Board. I hope to represent international students and work towards creating a more inclusive environment for them on campus. Additionally, I hope to advocate for the needs of international students, especially in terms of providing support to navigate the challenges of an unfamiliar culture. 

大家好,我叫张可艇。我今年大四,在学习心理学和全球健康。我说中文和英语。我在学校里有参与Healthy Minds on Campus 还有 the Mental Health Student Advisory Board。我希望在ISAB里代表国际生去创造一个对于国际生更包容的环境。我还希望去为国际生的需求发声,特别是在面对陌生文化带来的挑战时所需要的支持。