Sahil Sasidharan (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Student Advisory Board Member 2022-23

Position title: Hometown: Delhi, India


Hi everyone! I am Sahil (he/him/his), a second year Ph.D. student in the department of Geography. I come from Delhi, the capital of India and I speak three languages: English, Hindi and Malayalam. As a researcher, I focus on cities and processes of urbanization, and my present study aims to understand the socially marginalizing impacts of changing property relations in contemporary Delhi. My favourite places in Madison (or Teejop) are the lakes, parks and bicycling trails, and this love for more-than-human life within urban settings makes me a proud member of The Wildlife Society at UW-Madison. Building on my diverse experiences as a student in varied higher education environments (i.e., U.K., U.S., South Korea and India), along with my goal of serving within academia to make it more inclusive, as an ISAB member in 2022-23, I hope to support, represent and advocate on behalf of our thriving community of international students, both here at UW-Madison and beyond.