Muhammad Rehan (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Student Advisory Board Member 2023–24

Position title: Hometown: Pakistan


Hi, my name is Muhammad Rehan, but please call me “Rehan.” I originally came to UW Madison as a Fulbright Scholar and continued my studies here after completion of the Fulbright program. I am a second-year graduate student enrolled in a dual degree Master’s program, studying Applied English Linguistics and International Public Affairs. I speak four languages: English, Pashto, Urdu, and Hindi. I’ve enjoyed my time on campus so far and have been busy getting involved wherever possible! I was co-chair of events for the 2022 Homecoming Committee, Vice President of the La-Follette School Student Association, and have been active in helping multiple organizations in the Madison area to resettle Afghan refugees throughout Wisconsin. As an international student from a remote area of Pakistan that borders Afghanistan, I have had limited exposure to quality educational opportunities, so being selected for Fulbright was an honor. I enjoyed my Fulbright teaching experience at UW Madison, but coming from such an underprivileged background, I was facing many issues like imposter syndrome, and it was not easy for me to adjust to the culture. My supervisors and Professors helped me a lot to navigate through that phase. With their guidance and support, I was accepted into The Duke Global Policy Program in Geneva this summer. That program expanded my understanding of how the United Nations System works and exposed me to the intricacies of working within Global Bureaucracy.  I am passionate about working with other international students who are facing impostor syndrome and supporting them through cultural differences. As a member of ISAB, I want to facilitate connections for cultural exchange on campus to help build a strong community where all international students feel welcome and supported.