The UW is currently implementing a new online immigration compliance and record management system called Terra Dotta. We plan to launch Terra Dotta summer/fall 2019. TDS will initially only handle J-1 scholar and H-1B employee applications. Functionality for employees in E-3, TN, O-1 status, as well as Permanent Residency applications, will come at a future date.

Terra Dotta will:

  • Enhance the international scholar experience (please link to scholar section) and international employee experience (please link to employee section)
  • Strengthen employee and scholar recruitment and retention:
    • Employee and scholar portal facilitates access anywhere, anytime
    • Employees and scholars upload their own information and documents
    • Online, pre-arrival information can connect new employees and scholars to campus housing, health insurance, orientation information, and more
    • Quickly transfer orientation content to a system that records electronic signatures and assesses understanding
  • Streamline all immigration-related documents and requests in one online system (reduction of paper forms!)
  • Send automated reminders and alerts to scholars and employees
  • Send automatic email reminders to users who have incomplete requirements
  • Monitor immigration status with easy visibility by employees and scholars
  • Integrate with HRS to ensure up-to-date information and reduced data entry
  • Utilize a checkmark system to make it easy for incoming employees and scholars to understand their requirements
  • Manage your cases online – intake and assignment features let everyone track case status throughout the entire process

Terra Dotta will not:

  • Replace the IFSS website- we will still update important information at
  • Replace Glacier, the international tax software. TDS will also not integrate with Glacier
  • Replace the OHR approvals chart. Hiring Units should still consult with IFSS ahead of time to plan for needed amendments prior to the effective date in HRS.