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The Global Badger Experience Grant (GBE Grant) supports global engagement and intercultural exchange by helping to fund events held by Registered Student Organizations that are free and open to all students and/or have the potential for campus-wide impact.

The GBE Grant budget is funded by the Office of the Chancellor, the Division of Student Life, the Office of the Provost, and the Vice Chancellor for Administration in recognition of the vital role played by Registered Student Organizations in enriching the campus community through events and activities.

The Global Badger Experience Grant is administered centrally through International Student Services (ISS). The mission of International Student Services is to contribute to the successful experience of all international students studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by providing vital services and programs. Furthermore, ISS strives to advance the internationalization of campus and community by providing dynamic leadership and resources.

The GBE Grant encourages RSOs to work with each other to hold events that provide multiple perspectives to global engagement and cultural understanding, and/or to foster integration within the student body. Please refer to the GBE Grant Policy Manual for detailed information.

  • Application and Requirements
    To apply for the Global Badger Experience Grant, please complete the online application at the following link: (This will require logging in to the Wisconsin Involvement Network with your NetID and password).


    Please read the Global Badger Experience Grant Policy Manual to learn more about eligibility and the application process.


    The GBE Grant logo must be included on all publicity for grant-funded events.
  • Deadlines/Timelines
    Deadlines for completing the online Global Badger Experience Grant application are the 1st and 15th of each month during the academic semesters, from August 15th to November 15th in the fall, January 15th to April 15th in the spring, as long as grant funds are available.


    RSOs must submit their application in time for the deadline that is one full month before their event. Late submissions will be reviewed after the next deadline period, as long as there is one full month before the event.


    The GBE Grant Review Committee will meet the Thursday following each deadline to review applications, and by the following Tuesday, applicants will be notified with results. In cases when the deadline falls on a Wednesday, the Committee reserves the right to reschedule their meeting during the ensuing week to allow sufficient time to review applications.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: If we are applying for food, is it okay if the food is ordered from an off-campus vendor?

    A: Campus venues have different policies toward outside vendors (Space Reservation Policies, Most places on campus require that catering come from University Dining Services, while several locations allow food to be catered from off campus. RSOs should check with the venue to verify food policies.

    In addition, if off-campus food is allowed, for a smoother review process, RSOs should also make sure that the vendor is approved by University Risk Management (

    For more detailed information, please click here to check food policies.

    Q: What are the requirements or limitations if we want to provide food at our event?

    A: The request for food funding can be accepted by the Review Committee only when i. the vendor has been certified by University Risk Management, ii. the usage of food meets the event’s purpose, iii. the meal/refreshment does not exceed the following maximum rates per person, according to State Policy: $12 for breakfast, $18 for lunch, $30 for dinner, and $10 for refreshment.

    Q: What event supplies can be funded?

    A: According to the Policy Manual, certain supplies cannot be funded, which include but are not limited to fireworks, weapons or look-alike weapons, and gambling equipment, among others. In addition, only one-time use items can be funded, as supplies purchased through the GBE Grant are considered university property.

    Q: Should I consider taxes when applying for GBE Grant?

    A: The Global Badger Experience Grant does not fund any taxes that may be applied to payments for a funded event. Most supplies, food purchases, and service fees are tax exempt, with some exceptions, such as food orders from the Wisconsin Union, for which RSOs should be prepared to pay themselves.

    Q: How will the funds be reimbursed for the items we request for our event?

    A: Global Badger Experience Grant does not issue funds directly to RSOs, but instead directly pays vendors for funded items. After approval, it is the RSO’s responsibility to work closely with the Grant Administrator to make payments.

    Q: How will the ASM grant status influence my result?

    A: To receive an approval, RSOs must have been either approved, scheduled for a hearing (placed on the waitlist), or rejected by ASM for an Event Grant. The Grant Administrator will check with ASM to verify that RSOs are eligible to apply for the Global Badger Experience Grant. However, if your organization is applying for GBE Grant funds for food only, you do not need to meet the ASM Event Grant requirement. In an ideal situation, the GBE Grant should function to supplement the ASM Event Grant for food or other items that are not approved by ASM.

    If your organization has already been awarded an ASM Event Grant this semester for another event, you are eligible to apply for the GBE Grant.

    Q: I am applying for lodging or transportation for my guests. How should I proceed in applying for funding?

    A: As the Global Badger Experience Grant does not issue reimbursements directly to RSOs, funding related to guest lodging or transportation must be made through the GBE Grant. After the approval, RSOs should work closely with the Grant Administrator to book lodging or transportation. Payments made by RSOs or their guests will not be reimbursed.

    Q: What does “approved with conditions” mean?

    A: The results for your application will either be approved, approved with conditions, or rejected by the Review Committee. “Approved with conditions” (or “partially approved”) means that although the RSO’s application meets enough of the grant’s criteria to be approved, certain parts need to be modified or to include more detailed information to fully meet all of the criteria. The Grant Administrator will contact the RSO to provide further suggestions so that full approval status can be obtained. For example, RSOs may have to provide more detailed information based on their applications, or adjust their requests to be approved by the Review Committee.

    Q: What should I do if I am rejected?

    A: The denial of the application by no means indicates that an RSO cannot apply again. However, the Grant Administrator will work closely with the applicants toward their final approval if they wish to reapply.

    Q: What is a “letter of support,” as requested by ASM?

    A: After your approval, ASM may ask for a “letter of support” to show your organization’s ability to cover the whole budget for your event. The Award Letter issued by the Global Badger Experience Grant can function as the “letter of support.”

  • Contact
    Global Badger Experience Grant Administrator: Yi Wu
    Tel: 608.265.5219
    Applicants are welcome to email to schedule appointments.
    International Student Services (ISS)
    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    716 Langdon Street, Red Gym
    Madison, WI 53706
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