New GBE Grant Deadlines for the Remainder of the Fall 2017 Semester

In consideration of the potential delay in application result delivery due to the Thanksgiving recess, the Global Badger Experience Grant Committee has decided to open more deadlines and shorten the application processing time to fund as many events held by Registered Student Organizations as possible. RSOs may submit their application for the deadline that are two weeks before their event.

Please see the following deadlines for your reference:

Deadline For events held After
October 25th November 8th
November 1st November 15th
November 15th November 30th

The GBE Grant Review Committee will shorten the review time accordingly to adjust to these new deadlines.

Please note that the two-week application deadline will only apply for the remainder of the current semester, Fall 2017. RSOs interested in applying for a GBE Grant in 2018 will need to adhere to the GBE Grant Policy Manual and submit applications one full month before their events.

Please contact the GBE Grant Administrator for questions or more information.