About International Reach Ambassadors

Reach Ambassadors are a group of international students who represent the international student body. Reach Ambassadors will share about their countries, cultures and experiences with audiences of all levels at on-campus events, local schools and community organizations. For 2020-21 academic year, we have 9 ambassadors from 7 different countries (China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Uganda).

For international students:

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Sarah Almutawa (SHE/HER/HERS)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Alhasa, Saudi Arabia
Major: Biology, Undergraduate

Hi! I’m Sarah from Saudi Arabia, and I speak both English and Arabic. I love to read and ride my bike by lake Mendota. I strive to be a mental health and climate change advocate. I wanted to become an International Reach Ambassador so that I could spread my culture to as many people as possible in the Madison community. I’m excited about sharing my experiences with all of you!

Joel Baraka (He/Him/His)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Kampala, Uganda
Major: Civil Engineering, Undergraduate

Hi! My name is Joel Baraka, and I speak Kinyabwisha, Swahiri, English, Basic Runyoro and Luganda. I love spending time with young children and listening to all the cool things they want to do when they grow up. I am looking forward to connecting with children and sharing what my educational experience has been.

Cecilia Cui (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Chengdu, China
Major: Physics & Legal Studies, Undergraduate

你好 (Ni hao)! My name is Cecilia or Yixin, and I speak Chinese and English. My interests are traveling and cultural traditions. I would like to share my own experiences as international student to the Madison community and the university, and also eliminate bias and build communication between international students and local students.

Yiting Duan (She/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Beijing, China
Major: Journalism & Economics, Undergraduate

你好呀Hey, this is Yiting! I can speak Mandarin and English. During my spare time, I love cooking desserts, watching TV series, and hiking. I hope in ISS REACH I can find more friends who love to communicate cultural differences and get a deeper understanding of diversity.

Elaf Ghawas (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Al-ahsa, Saudi Arabia
Major: Biology, Undergraduate

As-salamu alaykum! My name is Elaf, and I speak Arabic and English. I am interested in presenting traditional clothes, music, cultural traditions, and food. I am hoping to foster great communication skills, gain a better understanding of other cultures, and connect with the community.

Hiya Jain (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Hyderabad, India
Major: Psychology, Undergraduate

Namaste! My name is Hiya and I speak Hindi, English, Telugu, Marwadi and a little bit of Tamil. My interests include Traditional Dance and Music, Food, Unknown cultural traditions and Mythology. I would love to learn about different cultures and also share knowledge about the culture I belong to.

Ama Mohammed (She/Her/Hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Kumasi, Ghana
Major: Professional French Program, Graduate

Akwaaba! My name is Ama, and I speak Twi, English and French. My interests include folklore, history, food and music. I would like to meet (virtually!) with people from diverse backgrounds, share experiences, and enhance my intercultural skills.

Eyad Reda (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Major: Civil Engineering, Graduate

Hi or Salam Aleekom!! My name is Eyad, and I speak Arabic and English. My interests include politics, economics, human rights, food and customs or traditions. I would love to talk and share what I have on the current political landscape, economic situation and human rights conditions in the Egypt and the Middle East in general. Meeting people with different backgrounds and conducting an intercultural dialogue is one of my sought goals while being an international student in UW-Madison, while sharing my culture and traditions to others as well.

Reina Yano (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Kumamoto, Japan
Major: Rehabilitation counseling, Graduate

こんにちは(Konnichiwa), I am Reina! I came from Tokyo before moving to Madison, but I have lived in many places inside Japan with my family and they’re now in Kumamoto (the bear next to me is Kumamoto’s character, Kumamon!). My interests include clinical psychology, counseling, and public policy (especially welfare and employment policy). In my free time, I enjoy going to musicals or art museums, playing the piano, and hanging out with my friends for gourmet or shopping. I am a social person who loves to talk and connect with people and so excited to work with people in the Madison community and UW!