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Join Reach – Benefits and Expectations

Benefits and Expectations

International Reach volunteers can expect a variety of benefits both professionally and personally including opportunities to:

  • Experience American and Madison culture firsthand (for example, working with teachers and students in classrooms around Madison)
  • Contribute to peer learning on campus
  • Collaborate with a network of international peers from all major regions of the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Central America, Oceania and South America)
  • Practice and develop English presentation skills and storytelling abilities

Additionally, all Reach volunteers have access to trainings held throughout the year which are tailored to meet the needs of international students and dependents. Past trainings have included topics such as:

  • Telling Powerful Stories
  • Resume and Interviewing Skills
  • Presentation Tips and Practice

In order to join the program, International students and legal dependents of international students will need to complete a Welcome Orientation which will be offered by Reach staff throughout the academic year. At this orientation, attendees learn about and join the program. Additionally, receptions will be held at the start of each semester to allow new volunteers to meet each other. Once a student or dependent joins the program, regular communications will be sent out from Reach staff with various volunteer opportunities available. A volunteer can choose to volunteer for as many or as few opportunities as he/she/they is interested in and has time for. However, volunteers are expected to participate in at least one volunteer opportunity during the academic year, where possible.

Each Reach volunteer is expected to:

  • Present at least once during the academic year, schedule permitting
  • Maintain a professional demeanor when fulfilling an opportunity (when in doubt of culture norms, feel free to ask Reach staff)
  • Devote effort to follow through once a commitment has been made
  • Invest time in preparing a high quality presentation as outlined by the original request
  • Enjoy the unique opportunities Reach has to offer!

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