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How does International Reach work?

Speaker Request Form

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The process for requesting one or several Reach volunteers to speak at your event first includes filling out an electronic form which asks for all of the details of your event. Reach staff will then review your request and the current Reach volunteers to see if a match can be made. After a match is made, Reach staff will be continuously facilitating communication and event logistics between the requester and volunteer(s) to ensure the presentation / event is successful. Evaluations are then sent to both the volunteers and requesters to evaluate each event for strengths we can maintain and areas we can improve.

Past events have included:

  • International perspectives on global electronic business
  • Wedding traditions from around the world
  • East High School international club discussion
  • Campus advisor training – International student discussion
  • Diversity Day: International fair (elementary school)
  • Beyond the headlines: My life growing up in Pakistan
  • People and places: Middle school presentations

The Reach staff also hosts a series of training socials designed to help train Reach volunteers to be effective communicators and presenters, as well as enhance professional and personal development of our student volunteers.