About International Reach Ambassadors

Reach Ambassadors are a group of international students who represent the international student body. Reach Ambassadors will share about their countries, cultures, and experiences with audiences of all levels at on-campus events, local schools, and community organizations. For the 2023-24 academic year, we have 25 ambassadors from 16 different places (Brazil, China, Chile, Colombia, Germany, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, México, Nigeria, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Tanzania).

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Doreen Anande (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Moshi, Tanzania (born and bred in Dar es Salaam city)
Major: Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (PhD)
Habari!!! My name is Doreen, I speak Swahili, English, and a bit of Korean. I enjoy traveling and have been in nine countries so far. My hobbies include nature exploration, music, and occasionally cooking and watching movies. I am fascinated by the evolution of our planet and the mysteries surrounding extreme weather and climate events, as well as how we can minimize their adverse effects through communication and research for a better tomorrow. As a Reach Ambassador, I am eager to share my culture, including the cuisine, language, climate, and landscapes of Tanzania, and learn about Madison and other cultures from those around me.

Letícia Barbosa (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: RecifeBrazil
Major: Portuguese Literature, Ph.D. Student

E ai, tudo bem? My name is Letícia, and I am fluent in both Brazilian Portuguese and English. I am thrilled about the upcoming Fall of 2023 because I will be embarking on a Ph.D. program in Portuguese Language and Literature. I have a diverse educational background, holding a B.A in Journalism, an MBA in Marketing, and an M.A in Portuguese Language and Literature. When I’m not studying or working, I enjoy traveling and attending music concerts. As a Reach Ambassador, I am passionate about discussing Brazilian history, religions, cuisine, festivities, customs, literature, cinema, and music. I am always excited to meet new people and learn from different perspectives. I truly can’t wait to make new friends and learn with all of you! Até logo!

Nurfara Faisal (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Major: Computer Science, Undergraduate

Hi! I am Fara, and I speak Malay, English, and basic Mandarin. I can also read Arabic and Korean. I am interested in performing arts, traveling, and languages. You can probably see me singing and/or dancing on stage during cultural events organized by the Malaysian Students Association of UW-Madison! As a REACH ambassador, I am eager to share the rich culture of Malaysia with the local Madison community on top of experiencing other cultures as well.

Francisca Andrea Nuñez Ferreira (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Concepción, Chile
Major: Geoscience, Graduate

Hi, I’m Francisca and I speak Spanish and English. I love to travel and my main interests are glaciers and volcanoes. Knowledge of the way the universe is shaped and the way our planet contains so many mysteries is something that has always interested me. As a Reach ambassador, I would like to talk about Chile’s landscape and general culture. I expect to connect with people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Estefanía Galindo (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Barranquilla, Colombia

Major: Spanish Linguistics, graduate

¡Hola! My name is Estefanía, and I speak Spanish, English, French and basic German. I love learning languages, eating, and dancing! The only food I do not like is spicy, but I can try everything else. I would like to learn more about other cultures, traditions, and food. I am looking forward to sharing many interesting aspects of my country and culture such as music, dancing, and food with the UW-Madison and Madison community, so everybody knows a little bit more about Colombia.

Patricia Haberkorn (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Pülfringen, Germany
Major: Second Language Acquisition, Graduate

Hallo, I am Patricia from Germany and I speak German, English, and some Spanish. This is the third time that I am living in the USA, and I love sharing my language and culture with others. I am interested in education, music, and sports and enjoy traveling. I hope to share my knowledge and experience with interested people on and off campus and connect with others because we can all learn from one another, and global awareness is key in today’s globalized world.

Kitty Huang (she/her)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: New Taipei City, Taiwan
Major: Curriculum and Instruction, Graduate
Hello, I’m Kitty from Taiwan. I speak Mandarin, English, and a bit of German. I adore traveling and just completed an amazing 6-day road trip from Madison to LA, where I experienced different landscapes across states. Recently, I’ve taken up longboarding, and I’d love to skateboard with anyone interested. As an International Reach Ambassador, I’m thrilled to share Taiwanese culture and mouthwatering food. Meeting new people and embracing diverse perspectives energizes me, and I can’t wait to make new friends and learn together!

Safiya Jama (she/her)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Major: Education Leadership and Policy Analysis – Higher Education (PhD)

Hometown: Kitale, Kenya

Jambo! See tahay! My name is Safiya, and I speak Somali, Swahili, English and a bit of Arabic. I enjoy adventure, reading, cooking, listening to multicultural music, teaching and I recently started crocheting. I also love learning new cultures and languages. I initially came to Madison as Fulbright FLTA (Foreign Language Teaching Assistant), a cultural exchange program which allowed me to share the Swahili language and culture with the Madison community. I have since interacted with multiple groups sharing the Somali and Swahili culture. Coming from a multicultural environment, I hope to share Somali and Swahili language and culture with the larger Madison communities as a Reach Ambassador.

Nima Keivani (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Tehran, Iran

Major: Ph.D. French / G.T.A. French elementary and Intermediate French

Dorud! Hi there! It’s Nima, I speak Farsi (my mother tongue), English, French, (and a bit of) Italian, and can understand written Arabic and Ecclesiastical Latin. My passions in life? Poetry, language teaching, and drama! I’d always love to meet new people and get immersed in multiculturality. #Woman_Life_Freedom. Rouze khoubi dashte bashid (have a great day in Farsi!)’

Yeounji Kim (she/her)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Major: Pharmacy, Graduate

안녕하세요. My name is Yeounji, and I speak Korean and English. I’m a second-year pharmacy student, and my interests are global health, drug development, and Pharmacoeconomics. I would love to ice skate, travel, and find new recipes. As an international Reach Ambassador, I hope to share Korean culture, cuisine, history, and entertainment with every student at UW-Madison.

Xinyu Li (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Shenzhen, China
Major: Computer Science, Undergraduate
Hello everyone! My name is Xinyu Li (Chloe). I am good at speaking Mandarin and English. I used to study at China Agricultural University then I transferred to UW-Madison. Based on my academic experience, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of different teaching environments. Thinking back to my high school days, I was the director of the Chinese Traditional Dress Club, and this experience fueled my passion to share Chinese culture. This passion accompanied me through college and I was fortunate enough to perform a traditional Chinese dance at a China-Africa dialogue meeting in Beijing. Currently, at UW-Madison, I do part-time work at Wisconsin Discovery Institute as a student researcher. I am also deeply involved in AI-related entrepreneurial activity with a group of peers. I am very excited to be a Reach Ambassador and can’t wait to share my rich experience and unique learning journey of traditional Chinese culture.

Henrieta Licha (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Bratislava, Slovakia
Major: Pre- Pharmacology/Toxicology, Undergraduate

Hi! My name is Henrieta, and I speak Slovak, German, and English. My interests are baking, reading, and spending time outside during winter. As an international student at UW-Madison, I can’t wait to share my culture with other students and meet people from all around the world! I look forward to share my experience here in Madison and initiate conversations about inclusion and representation.

Eduardo Martinez Villegas (he/him)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Monterrey, Nuevo León, México

Major: Landscape and Urban Studies, Undergraduate

¡Hola a todos! My name is Eduardo Martínez Villegas and I speak Spanish and English. I was born and raised in the city of Monterrey, México. My interests include sports (specially football (soccer) and basketball), videogames and movies in general. I am very excited to share my culture and my country as well as my experience as an international latino student in UW-Madison.

Alan Mashen (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Major: Pre-Business, Undergraduate

Salem! My name is Alan Mashen, and I speak Kazakh, Russian, English, and basic French. I am interested in speaking about the history, language, and culture of Kazakhstan. As a Reach ambassador, I want to promote my country and share my experiences as an international student with the local community.

Deborah Oluwakemi Akinwole (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Ondo State & Oyo State Nigeria (Lived in Lagos State and Ogun State)
Major: Special Education-Research and Theory-Track Masters
Bawo ni? How you dey? Deborah is my name and I speak Yoruba, English, Pidgin-English and Igbo. I love sharing about Nigerian currency, its value, beauty and history. Informing people about international currency and their values provides one with historical knowledge that will be worthy of note. I also love to talk about our native foods (Jollof Rice, Amala and Ewedu, etc.,) and Fashion. I am excited to participate in a cultural exchange that showcases the vibrant Yoruba culture while providing insights into the diverse cultures of Nigeria. I am particularly intrigued by the opportunity to immerse myself in the various cultures thriving at UW-Madison. A o pade layo!

Maxwell Ozioma Chibuogwu (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Benin City, Nigeria
Major: Plant Pathology, Doctoral

How far na! My name is Maxwell and I speak English and Nigerian pidgin fluently. I understand Ika, Igbo, basic Yoruba and little Hausa (kadan kadan). I am interested in sharing (to young people and adults) about Nigerian culture, environments, foods, and lifestyles. With a focus on correcting stereotypes that people might subconsciously hold. I hope to use this opportunity to integrate with different American communities and share first-hand experiences in Nigeria that will offer a correct representation of the realities.

Jinwan Park (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Major: Political Science, undergraduate

안녕하세요! My name is Jinwan, and I speak Korean and English. My interests include international politics, watching movies, and multiple sports. As a Reach ambassador, I hope to share socioeconomic and cultural aspects of Korea and build a more inclusive environment for international students on the UW campus.

Vaidehi Patil (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Major: Biomedical Engineering, doctoral

Hi, I’m Veda and I speak English, Marathi, Hindi, and a little French. I am passionate about travel, food, languages, reading, and textiles/fashion. I hope to connect with people and facilitate a dialogue regarding cultural differences and how we can be more understanding of each other.

Rayane Prado Nunes (she/they)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Brazil
Major: Psychology with Certificates in Chicane & Latine Studies, Dance, and Gender & Women Studies

Oi gente (Hi everyone)! My name is Rayane(Hi-ah-ne) and I’m fluent in Portuguese and English. My interests are reading, anything art-related (especially performing arts), making desserts, traveling, and playing with pets. I love learning about new cultures worldwide and can’t wait to share more about Brasil and my experience as a Latine Global badger.

Babatunde Opeyemi Salami (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Home Town: Oke-Ode, Kwara State, Nigeria (raised and lived in Lagos).
Major: African Cultural Studies, Doctoral
How far! My name is Opeyemi. I am a Yoruba guy from Nigeria who speaks Yoruba, pidgin English, and Nigerian English. I love watching movies for work and fun; I also enjoy having conversations with new people and friends. I am proud of my culture and enthusiastic about the exposure to new cultures.

Dharani Suresh Babu (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Tamil Nadu, India
Major: Doctor of Philosophy in Horticulture and Computer Science
Vanakkam (Greetings to Everyone)! I’m Dharani Suresh Babu, a Ph.D. student working as a Research Assistant at the Department of Plant and Agroecosystem Sciences. Trained in Agricultural Information Technology and Environmental Conservation, my interests lie in bridging agriculture and technology. My hobbies include gardening, cooking, baking, badminton, and crafting. I am trained in Kung-Fu. Honored to be an International Reach Ambassador, I aim to foster cultural exchange and inclusivity on campus, helping students academically and socially. By connecting cultures, we can enrich our global community, thereby enhancing educational experiences and promoting personal growth. Let’s co-create a harmonious campus at UW-Madison where we can live, learn, and thrive.

Yihan Wu (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Jinan, China

Major: Neurobiology, Undergraduate

大家好!I’m Yihan Wu, a proud ‘global badger’ all the way from Jinan, China, now studying at UW Madison. The best part about my time here? Definitely the chance to meet people from every corner of the world. We share stories about everything from what we like to eat to what we believe in, and this is exactly what drew me to International Reach – I can share my stories about China and learn so much about their cultures too.Besides that, I love drone photography, and I have taken a lot of beautiful drone videos and photos in Madison and many Chinese cities. I also like guitar, cooking Chinese dishes (I want to learn to cook global food too!), cycling, and running!

Seung Yun Kim (she/her)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Pohang, South Korea

Major: International Studies, Undergraduate

안녕하세요! My name is Seung Yun and I speak Korean, Chinese, and English. My interests include art, music, and traveling. In my free time, I enjoy going to art museums, reading mystery novels, and going shopping with my friends. As an International Reach Ambassador, I would love to share many interesting aspects of Korea and culture such as music and food with other students and Madison communities.

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