About International Reach Ambassadors

Reach Ambassadors are a group of international students who represent the international student body. Reach Ambassadors will share about their countries, cultures and experiences with audiences of all levels at on-campus events, local schools and community organizations. For the 2021-22 academic year, we have 21 ambassadors from 16 different places (China, Germany, India, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam).

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Duraid Abukhamseen (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Safwa, Saudi Arabia
Major: Environmental Science, Undergraduate

Hi! My name is Duraid Abukhamseen. I speak Arabic and English. I love watching sports, learning about new cultures, and trying new things. I really hope to share a piece of my culture with the UW community and learn more about the cultures around me.

Oluwayinka Arawomo (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Ondo State, Nigeria (Lived in Lagos State)
Major: English (Composition and Rhetoric), Ph.D. Candidate

Bawo ni? Yinka is my name and I speak Yoruba, English and Pidgin-English. I love sharing about Yoruba Traditional Clothing and inviting others to participate by trying them on. I also love to talk about our native foods and the Yoruba traditional wedding. I look forward to a cultural exchange that projects the richness of the Yoruba culture and gives a peek into the rich and diverse cultures in Nigeria. I am also fascinated about experiencing other cultures thriving in UW-Madison.

Cecilia Cui (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Chengdu, China
Major: Physics & Legal Studies, Undergraduate

你好 (Ni hao)! My name is Cecilia or Yixin, and I speak Chinese and English. My interests are traveling and cultural traditions. I would like to share my own experiences as an international student to the Madison community and the university, and also eliminate bias and build communication between international students and local students.

Yiting Duan (She/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Beijing, China
Major: Journalism & Economics, Undergraduate

你好呀Hey, this is Yiting! I can speak Mandarin and English. During my spare time, I love cooking desserts, watching TV series, and hiking. I hope in ISS REACH I can find more friends who love to communicate cultural differences and get a deeper understanding of diversity.

Jihyo Ha (she/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Major: Chemical Engineering, Undergraduate

Hi! My name is Jihyo or Jo, and I speak Korean and English. My interests are traveling, doing outdoor activities, craving food, and hanging out with my friends! As an international student in Madison and the university, I’m looking forward to connecting with both local and international students and gaining a better perception of other cultures.

Patricia Haberkorn (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Pülfringen, Germany
Major: Second Language Acquisition, Graduate

Hallo, I am Patricia from Germany and I speak German, English, and some Spanish. This is the third time that I am living in the USA, and I love sharing my language and culture with others. I am interested in education, music, and sports and enjoy traveling. I hope to share my knowledge and experience with interested people on and off campus and connect with others because we can all learn from one another, and global awareness is key in today’s globalized world.

Swee Ying Hoo (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
Major: Nutrition and Dietetics, Undergraduate

Hi! My name is Swee Ying, I am able to speak fluently in Chinese, English and Malay (which is our national language), I do speak basic German as well. My passions are exploring new places and their cultures. I also enjoy cooking during my leisure time. I would love to be able to meet new people from different cultural backgrounds and learn new perspectives from others, while sharing Malaysian culture to the community and UW-Madison.

Arjun Iyer (he/him)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Mumbai, India
Major: Computer Sciences, Statistics, Undergraduate

Hi! I’m Arjun from India, and I speak English, Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi. I love to learn about different cultures mainly since I have travelled with my parents to over 30 countries. My aim is to efficiently apply my skills in Computer Science to improve ease of technology use in third world countries. I would love to present anything relating to technology and culture. I wanted to become an International Reach Ambassador so that I could share my culture with the UW-Madison community and network with ambassadors from other countries. I look forward to my term!

Ashish Jain (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Major: Business Administration, Graduate

Namaste everyone! My name is Ashish Jain, I am from the bustling capital city of India- New Delhi. I am currently a first-year MBA at the Wisconsin School of Business. I am also the elected International Representative for the student association for graduate business studies (GBA) and a Reach Ambassador for UW-Madison. My favorite thing about UW-Madison is that it has a place for everyone. If you are an introvert who loves to be with yourself, go on a kayak ride on Lake Mendota. However, if you are a party person, the shores of Lake Mendota have Memorial Union Terrace to enjoy a summer evening with friends. I want to bridge the gap between International Students and Madison by facilitating dialogue and driving actions.

Aruna Kallon (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Kenema, Sierra Leone
Major: Educational Policy Studies, Graduate

Hi! My name is Aruna, and I speak Mende, Krio and English. My interests are books, cultural traditions, soccer, nature and landscapes. I am eager to meet people from diverse cultural settings within the UW and Madison communities and share about my country, culture and experiences.

Sourabh Kenjale (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Pune, India
Major: Computer Science, Undergraduate

Namaskar! I am Sourabh Kenjale and I speak Marathi, Hindi, and English. I am very passionate and a huge fan of Indian Classical Music and human relations mixed with technology. I am eager to bring Indian culture to all Madisonians. I’m down to meet up, talk, try out new things, and most importantly, learn what I don’t know.

Thitipong Lawphongpanich (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Major: Computer Engineering, Undergraduate

Swasdee krub, I am Thitipong! You can call me “Tap.” I speak Thai and English. My interests include food, language, and performing arts. I would like to create a strong connection between international students and local students. At International Reach, I hope I can get a deeper understanding of other cultures and diversity by meeting people with diverse backgrounds and conducting an intercultural dialogue.

Henrieta Licha (she/her/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Bratislava, Slovakia
Major: Pre- Pharmacology/Toxicology, Undergraduate

Hi! My name is Henrieta, and I speak Slovak, German, and English. My interests are baking, reading, and spending time outside during winter. As an international student at UW-Madison, I can’t wait to share my culture with other students and meet people from all around the world! I look forward to share my experience here in Madison and initiate conversations about inclusion and representation.

Praveen Maripelly (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Telangana, India
Major: Fine Arts- 4D, Graduate

Namaste! My name is Praveen Maripelly, and I speak Telugu, Hindi, English, basic Gujarati and German. My interests include community well being, arts, cultures and traditions, social engagement and languages. I would like to connect with communities from different cultures and backgrounds, and share aspects of my culture to UW Madison and the community.

Alan Mashen (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Major: Pre-Business, Undergraduate

Salem! My name is Alan Mashen, and I speak Kazakh, Russian, English, and basic French. I am interested in speaking about the history, language, and culture of Kazakhstan. As a Reach ambassador, I want to promote my country and share my experiences as an international student with the local community.

Lam Nguyen (she/hers)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown:Vinh Phuc, Vietnam
Major: Marketing, Undergraduate

Xin chao! My name is Lam Nguyen. Vietnamese and English are the two languages I speak. I have vested interest in food – particularly food history, Vietnamese traditions and their roots. In my free time, I like watching anime and reading nonfiction. As a Reach Ambassador, I would like to help others learn about Vietnam and Vietnamese culture, while also educate myself on intercultural issues.

Maxwell Ozioma Chibuogwu (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Benin City, Nigeria
Major: Plant Pathology, Doctoral

How far na! My name is Maxwell and I speak English and Nigerian pidgin fluently. I understand Ika, Igbo, basic Yoruba and little Hausa (kadan kadan). I am interested in sharing (to young people and adults) about Nigerian culture, environments, foods, and lifestyles. With a focus on correcting stereotypes that people might subconsciously hold. I hope to use this opportunity to integrate with different American communities and share first-hand experiences in Nigeria that will offer a correct representation of the realities.

Eric Peng (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan
Major: Finance, Economics, Undergraduate

Hey guys! My name is Eric, and I speak Mandarin and English. I love talking about food, sports, traveling, and other fun stuff about Taiwan. I am excited to connect with people from different backgrounds and share my experience as an international badger.

Moath Sharayah (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Amman, Jordan
Major: Major: Industrial Engineering, Undergraduate

Salam Alikom! My name is Moath and I speak Arabic and English. My interests include history, archeological sites, and languages. I joined REACH because I love to share and represent my culture with people and learn about other cultures as well.

Nishant Verma (he/him/his)

Credentials: International Reach Ambassador

Hometown: Singapore
Major: Biomedical Engineering, Doctoral

Hallo! Heyyyy! Namaste! My name is Nishant, and I speak English, Hindi, and enough Chinese to make folks laugh. My interests include the often unspoken consensus of societal values and individual values as well as the role of government in society. I would like to share my view of society in different cultures and my time in the US. I want to meet new people and appreciate their views.

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