Spring 2021: Global Badger Spotlight – Ruisu

Name: Ruisu

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Kunming, China

Major: Computer Science & Psychology, Undergraduate


●Involvements/Activities in the past: International Student Advisory Board, Global Cafe, BRIDGE, Undergrad RA in Embark Lab in Psychiatry, AI Club, ACM-W, Body Advocacy Movement (a student org)

●What I miss from home the most: breakfast made by my mom.

●My hobby: I play volleyball. I love non-fiction novels.

●Fun facts about me: I transferred from Nanjing University; my current academic plan is CS while I once wanted to be a therapist – still being open to other possibilities.

●Favorite thing about attending UW-Madison: People here are inspiring and supportive 🙂

●Advice on how to get involved on campus: Reach out actively to people and events that interest you; don’t hesitate to ask for help – online info, workshops, and individual appointments; also, mental health is important and UHS helps!