Spring 2021: Global Badger Spotlight – Adati

Name: Adati

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Hometown: Yola, Nigeria

Major: Ph. D. In Health Services Research in Pharmacy


●My campus/community activities: International Student’s Advisory Board (ISAB) at ISS where I serve as the Equity and Inclusion Representative, Catalyst for Science Policy, and Graduate Women in Science (GWIS)

●What I miss from home the most: My family (Mom, Dad, and two sisters)’s physical presence. However, technology has bridged a lot of this gap and I feel closer to them with each new social media/messaging app. Thank you, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail 🙂

●Fun facts about me: I am learning how to play tennis and I have one dimple.

●Favorite thing about attending UW-Madison: I have access to a lot of mentors, instructors, and peers with whom I share a similar passion for education and healthcare access. Also, UW is one of the best research institutions in the U.S being affiliated with it opens a lot of doors.

●Advice on how to get involved on campus: UW has a lot of opportunities for service around campus most of them are well hidden in your inbox. My advice is to read your emails thoroughly and don’t hesitate to click on that (safe, non-phishing) link and sign up for events!