Lincoln Statue with Bascom Hall in background
photo of Red Gym from vantage point of pier, with Memorial Union in the background
students walking across University of Wisconsin-Madison bridge

ISS Commencement Celebrations

Welcome to the ISS Graduation Celebration Page!

This page is a dedication to our graduating Global Badgers. We love to be able to celebrate all of your accomplishments at UW Madison and beyond. The following videos were made to celebrate your success and highlight our Global Badgers who have graduated. We also are including shout-outs from friends, families, departments, faculty and staff who wanted to give a big congratulations to our graduating class!

Congratulations on completing your Master’s program, Jensen Sang! You were an amazing Orientation Program Assistant for us at ISS and I know you will go on to achieve extraordinary things as a Global Badger alum! – Morgan

You guys are soooo amazing!!!! I love you all!!!!! – Binjie

A million thanks to my amazing host parents, John and Laura: for your warm welcome, beautiful smiles, hearty meals, affection, and heartfelt support! – Ama

Ari, thank you for encouraging me to pursue my studies further and always believing in me, your endless support made all of this possible. I love you. – Sila

Thank you, Dirk, for loving me, making me smile, and always celebrating my success! – Pin

I thank my family for my success… and Chirag was right. – Codanda