University of Wisconsin–Madison


Click on the name of each international alum to see their full profile and their suggestions for current students considering applying for OPT Employment Authorization.

Name: Nambirajan Rangarajan
Home Country: India
Degree: Ph.D., Chemistry
Employer: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Position: Post Doctoral Research Associate


Name: James Kirui
Home Country: Kenya
Degree: Ph.D., Cellular and Molecular Biology
Employer: National Institutes of Health
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow


Name: Weixin Ji
Home Country: China
Degree: B.S. Personal Finance
Employer: United Nations
Position: Information and Communication Technology Internship


Name: Manasi Damle
Home Country: India
Degree: M.S., Electrical and Computer Engineering
Employer: Intel Corporation
Position: Validation Engineer


Name: Chandra Vishwanadha
Home Country: India
Degree: M.S., Mechanical Engineering
Employer: Roush Industries
Position: Engine Design and Development Engineer


Name: Hsun-Yu Chan
Home Country: Taiwan
Degree: PhD, Educational Psychology
Employer: Wisconsin Center for Education Research; Texas A&M-Commerce
Position: Postdoc; tenure-track assistant professor


Name: Manjot Pal
Home Country: India
Degree: B.S., Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Graduation Date: May 2015
Employer: Microsoft
Position: Program Manager


Name: Ni Jin
Home Country: China
Degree: B.S. Food Science
Graduation Date: May 2014
Position: FSQA Supervisor  Specification


Name: Shuting Zhang
Home Country: China
Degree: M.S., Biological Systems Engineering
Graduation Date: August 2014
Employer: National Renewable Engergy Lab
Position: Research Technician


Name: William Bracamonte-Baran
Home Country: Venezuela
Degree: PhD, Immunology
Graduation Date: 2014
Employer: Johns Hopkins University
Position: Postdoc Fellow


Name: Chandler Zuo
Home Country: China
Degree: M.S., Statistics; Ph.D Computer Science
Employer: Audible Inc.
Position: Data Scientist


Name: Mitra Farnoodian
Home Country: Iran
Degree: Ph.D., Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Employer: UW-Madison
Position: Postdoctoral Reserach Fellow


Name: Zhenxu Sun
Home Country: China
Degree: BBA, Actuarial Science – Risk Management and Insurance
Employer: Windhaven Insurance Company
Position: Actuarial Analyst


Name: Arne Albrich
Home Country: Germany
Degree: PhD, Chemistry
Employer: Dow Chemical Company
Position: Senior Chemist


Name: Govind Parameswaran
Home Country: India
Degree: M.S., Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Employer: Yanfeng Global Automotive Interiors
Position: Advanced Quality Engineer


Name: Jianguo Wu
Home Country: China
Degree: PhD, Industrial and Systems Engineering
Graduation Date: August 2015
Employer: University of Texas at El Paso
Position: Assistant Professor


Name: Neha Alluri
Home Country: India
Degree: B.S., Economics and International Relations
Graduation Date: December 2015
Employer: Albright Stonebridge Group
Position: Intern


Name: Saheed Imam
Home Country: Nigeria
Degree: PhD, Cellular and Molecular Biology
Graduation Date: April 2014
Employer: Synthetic Genomics Inc.
Position: Scientist


Name: Sunita Patolia
Home Country: India
Degree: PhD, Cell and Molecular Biology
Graduation Date: May 2014
Employer: Florida Hospital Innovation Lab
Position: Project Liason